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Jawzrsize is a jaw fitness device to tone and Strengthen jaw, face, and neck . 

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Fitness For Your Face
Jawzersize is designed to work out the full range of motion of your bite, giving you a stronger & leaner look...the kind that Botox and face filter can only hope to deliver. With 20-50 pounds of resistance, this innovative piece of equipment will chisel and sculpt your jawline for your best look ever!

Think about it. There are 57+ muscles in your face and neck. That's 57+ muscles you've most likely never put through a paper workout. Every your, people contribute billions to the cosmetic industry restructuring their faces through surgery injections that don't last. They've tried everything - or so they think, but when was the last time they really gave their jaw a paper work-out? Jawzersize is for anyone who wants a healthier, stronger appearance.

Place Jawzersize in your mouth, and simply bite down respectively to train the 57+ muscles in your face and neck. Made out of food grade BPA free silicon; proudly made right here in the USA"

Last updated: October, 2019

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